Rochester, NY, USA - May 19, 2016: University of Rochester Library. There are 158 buildings house in the University of Rochester, more than 200 academic majors, more than 2,000 faculty and instructional staff, and some 11,300 students—approximately half of whom are women.

How To Survive In A University

Before getting a university diploma and choosing university frames to put on your diploma, you have to survive the school life. Life is different when you are in a university. It isn’t the same as the life you had when you were in high school. In high school, everything is spoon fed. In the institute of higher education, you are taught to on how to be independent. It is not at all scary; you just need to know some things in order for you to survive.

Before heading to the school of your choice, you have to buy a laptop. It’s not that schools don’t have computers. It can be painstaking to wait in line for you to use a computer in the campus’ library. Also, you will need a laptop to finish a report overnight and the library isn’t open for 24 hours.

What you will also need is an alarm clock. Yes, an alarm clock. It may sound funny but it will help you get to your class on time. You don’t have your mom, dad or sibling to wake you up for school. The university life indeed teaches you on how to be independent and on surviving on your own.

As you get finally settle in your campus, brace your self and learn to be organized. You should also learn the art of prioritization. You have to set some limitations for your social activities. Do remember that you are in school to learn and not just to have fun.

As usual, parents would say to you to study hard. Studying requires you hard work and perseverance. It can be a long process but fruitful in the long run. This will help you get closer to your dream of becoming an accountant, lawyer or a doctor. You will survive a university life. Once graduation comes, you will be proud to look at your diploma hanged in one of the classiest university frames.

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